The Universe is a Small Hat is a participatory electronic music theater work, which tells the story of a techno-Utopian space colony leaving Earth in order to form a new, more rational, civilization. The piece is designed as an immersive 75-player narrative game. Audience members are all enlisted as colonists, given specific occupations on the ship, and responsible for their own fate within the story. The piece will be play testing 9 times at Babycastles gallery on 137 W 14th St. in New York City through January of 2015. For tickets click the launch dates on THIS page.  The Universe is a Small Hat was concieved and created by composer/playwright C├ęsar Alvarez along with a team of theater makers, musicians, artists, performers and creative technologists.  The Universe is a Small Hat has recieved support from:  The Ground Floor at Berkeley Repertory Theatre  Lower Manhattan Cultural Council The Civilians R&D Group PRELUDE NYC NYU Playwrights Horizons Theater School Anne and Jim Rothenberg Fund for Humanities Research at Harvard University Sarah Lawrence College Silent Barn